Karate Belt


Meaning of Belts

White belt - pure and clean sir/ma'am!

Yellow belt - sunrise and readiness to receive knowledge sir/ma/am!

Green belt - Spring starting to grow and new beginnings sir/ma'am!

Blue belt - Sky youthfulness and ambition sir/ma'am!

Brown Belt - earth or mountains developing a strong foundation sir/ma'am!

Red belt - blood or the sun developing a strong foundation of body and nature sir/ma'am!

10 Commandments of Tae Kwon Do

Strong spirit - determination, to not give up achieving a goal, sir/ma'am!

Effort - to try very hard using physical or mental energy to achieve a positive outcome sir/ma'am!

Patience - the ability to bear pain or difficulty in any and every situation without complaint sir/ma'am!

Good attitude - having a positive approach to any task sir/ma'am!

Self-confidence - having a good attitude towards oneself and believing in yourself sir/ma'am!

Respect-to honor or admire someone and treat someone as you wish to be treated sir/ma'am!

Mind control - controlling your thoughts despite emotional and physical influences sir/ ma'am!

Honesty - telling the truth even when you will get in trouble sir/ma'am!

Loyalty - to have complete trust in someone or something, in spite of adverse conditions sir/ma'am!

Victory-the positive outcome of any given task sir/ma'am!